Jitsi Meet in GleSYS Cloud – How it's configured


Jitsi Meet is an open source video conferencing solution - completely free and easy to use. Some benefits of the service:

  • Make video calls directly in the browser (use Chrome for best performance) of your computer. Apps for iPhone and Android are available.
  • Requires no account or login.
  • A fully encrypted solution.

Below we explain what happens when you create a server for Jitsi Meet with our one-click installer in GleSYS Cloud.

VPS platform and operating system

A server is created on our new KVM platform with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

The server gets the following specifications: 2x vCPU, 2 GB RAM and 10 GB of storage.

Jitsi Meet and Docker

Jitsi Meet is set up as a Docker Container with the help of Docker Compose.

The configuration used is found on the server in this directory:


To change the configuration file, run the following command that ends with restarting the service:

cd /root/docker-jitsi-meet/
nano .env
docker-compose up -d


A firewall is set up and configured automatically by us in Ubuntu (UFW). SSH and the ports used by Jitsi Meet are allowed:

  • SSH (TCP)
  • HTTP (TCP)
  • 10000:20000 (UDP) – these ports are used by Jitsi Meet


Fail2ban is automatically installed and configured by us.

Fail2ban is a smart tool that monitors log files for various services to detect brute force attacks and vulnerabilities. For example, if there are too many login attempts from an IP address, it is automatically blacklisted in the firewall.

Unattended Upgrades

Unattended Upgrades is enabled by default in our Ubuntu template. The scheduler unattended-upgrades is configured to automatically install updated packages and security updates.

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