CloudFest 2024: GleSYS Recap

Four intense days of talks, networking and events – CloudFest 2024 is over, and the 20th edition of the event was a huge success, boasting over 11,000 attendees at Europa Park. We are still buzzing with excitement from all the great meetings and discussions we had this year (and from riding the silver bullet roller coaster).

As always, the GleSYS team was thrilled to be on location in Rust, marking our 4th year as exhibitors at CloudFest. Here are some highlights and insights from our visit this year.

Did you not make it to Europa Park? Tune in to our aftermovie to relive some of the best moments from CloudFest 2024!

AI on the rise

Generative AI was high on the agenda at CloudFest, showing its growing importance across industries. While it'll take time to realize its potential fully, businesses are eager to leverage AI for smarter decisions and revenue growth.

Although the AI boom we're currently experiencing holds great potential, we are also seeing more awareness around challenges like increased power consumption. Claes Hohner, Head of Sales at GleSYS elaborates:

– This year at CloudFest we've seen an increased interest in efficient infrastructure, both in terms of cost and carbon. The growing demand for AI has resulted in a need for data centers that can power workloads with renewable energy and achieve net negative footprints with heat recovery.

CloudFest 2024 Interior hall

Price first

Amid the economic uncertainty that has impacted the European market in recent years, there has been a noticeable impact on the Cloud market. While some signs of financial relief exist, customers are more price-sensitive than before. For Cloud service providers, it is key to adapt and create new ways of providing value, while maintaining a predictable pricing model.

Networking and partnerships

CloudFest 2024 provided excellent networking opportunities, sparking discussions with industry peers and potential clients. Seeing our partners Supermicro and Ampere at the event was especially fun, as they demonstrated their innovation and efficiency in high-performance computing. Be sure to watch our aftermovie where we visit Supermicro’s booth and talk to Dennis about the latest and greatest in AI cloud computing.

As we wrap up this year's event, we want to thank everyone who stopped by our booth to talk about sustainable infrastructure and connectivity solutions at our booth, and those who dared to step up in a game of table hockey against our seasoned professionals.

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