GleSYS is now ‘ARM-ed’ with Ampere

We're thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with Ampere Computing® – one of the industry's leading manufacturers of cloud native server microprocessors (CNPs). Working toward common goals, GleSYS and Ampere will offer better price performance and, at the same time, reduce the environmental impact of your cloud workloads.


This is Ampere

Ampere is designing the future of hyperscale cloud and edge computing with the world's first cloud native processor. Built for the cloud with a modern 64-bit ARM server-based architecture, Ampere allows customers to accelerate the delivery of all cloud computing applications. With industry-leading cloud performance, power efficiency, and scalability, Ampere processors are tailored for the continued growth of cloud and edge computing. For more information, visit

Together for sustainability

We own and operate three data centers in Sweden and Finland that run on 100 percent renewable energy. In addition, we're pioneers in recovering the surplus heat from our data centers by sending the excess heat to the local district heating grids in Stockholm and Falkenberg. When we combine the compute efficiency per watt of Ampere processors with the carbon footprint per watt of our data centers, we achieve the lowest possible emission for a given workload, anywhere.

Being able to offer CPUs with superb performance and unbeatable power efficiency will help us reach our goal of becoming carbon-neutral by 2025.

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