FAQ – OpenVZ End-of-Life

The virtualization solution OpenVZ 6 is unfortunately no longer developed by the vendor and its community. As a result, we can not guarantee the same security and reliability in the future and have initiated an End-of-Life Plan for the service.

The platform is scheduled to reach End-of-Life by 2023-12-31.

Here you can find frequently asked questions and answers, and key dates for the End-of-Life Plan.

How do I migrate?

We recommend you to create a new server on our KVM or VMware platform and move your data and applications to the new server manually. This option allows you to upgrade to a newer operating system, while your old server is still up and running.

If you prefer, you also have the option to migrate your entire server with the help of our migration guides:

If you need help migrating, contact us at support@glesys.se for a consultation and quote.

Regardless of what way you choose, we give you 2 months free of charge on your new server. Contact us at support@glesys.se for a promo code.

Are there any limitations when migrating?

If the OpenVZ server is running one of the operating systems below, you can migrate to either KVM or VMware:

  • Debian 9
  • Ubuntu 16
  • CentOS 7

If your server is running an older operating system, you are limited to our VMware platform, which also has the support for installing operating systems using ISO images.

Can I keep the same IP address on the new server?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to move IP addresses between the two VPS platforms. If your application or service heavily depends on the IP address we can try to help you find a solution. Please contact us at support@glesys.se.

How do I know if my server is running on OpenVZ?

Log in to GleSYS Cloud. In the server list, servers with an ID starting with vz (for example vz12345) is an OpenVZ server. Use that ID when communicating with our support team.

VPS Platforms – what are the differences?

GleSYS offers two platforms – VMware or KVM – to choose between.

KVM is our newest addition, offering a cost-effective solution and featuring the latest operating systems, including the recently released AlmaLinux. With direct access to local storage, KVM is optimized for I/O intensive applications.

KVM is currently available in Stockholm, Falkenberg, and Oulu (Finland). Read more about KVM

VMware is offering High Availability and the possibility to build isolated networks and connect your servers to local networks. Run whatever operating system you prefer.

VMware is currently available in Falkenberg, Stockholm, Oslo, Amsterdam, and London. Read more about VMware

If I am using the Managed Hosting service – what do I do?

In that case, we are helping you with the migration within the service. Please contact us at support@glesys.se and let us know what managed servers you want to migrate, and we will help you with the operation.

OpenVZ EoL – Key dates:

2020-01-01 – End-of-Sale Part 1: From this date, the ability to create OpenVZ servers was disabled in the control panel. Note: This did not affect customers already using the OpenVZ platform.

2021-05-14 – End-of-Sale Part 2: From this date, the ability to create and clone OpenVZ servers will be disabled in the control panel.

2022-06-30 – Last-Day-of-Support: From this date, we will no longer provide support. Virtual machines not working as expected need to be recreated in the KVM or VMware platform, and rescue attempts will not be initiated within the service.

2023-12-31 – End-of-Life: All hosts and storage will be powered off, and all remaining servers will be deleted.

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at support@glesys.se or +46-346-738 800.

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